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Sandy Brewer, PhD, host of the popular call-in talk radio SANDY BREWER SHOW, is a Human Behavior and Relationship expert with over 35 years' experience in the field of personal and professional growth and development. Sandy, a renowned speaker, author, therapist, coach and humanitarian, has captivated audiences from Pepperdine University (CA) to Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center (NYC) as well as internationally. She has been featured on numerous television shows including NBC's Nightly News. A documentary on a special project Sandy founded to work with abused and traumatized children, called A Bridge for the Children, was televised nationally.

Sandy has been a powerful advocate, especially for women and children, for many decades and has spearheaded significant programs to that effect. She was the driving force that got the State of Maryland to change the way abused children were treated in court. As a result of her intense advocacy for a child in her program, this 11 year-old little girl, was allowed to be the first child ever to testify on closed circuit television instead of in open court in front of her abuser. Soon other states took notice and followed suit.

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Latest Article & News
September 2012 -- The Art of Forgiveness
A huge stumbling block that keeps us in the polarity of good-guys -- bad-guys scenarios is the difficulty of forgiving. Sandy offers her perspective on the importance of "letting-go" and choosing to respond to the snares of our past from a different point of view.


Change your perspective and be inspired with a new sense of Hope -
"HOPE is the catalyst of empowerment and the promise of a dream fulfilled. It's an essential nectar for living. I don't know how to live life without it..." - Sandy Brewer
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She was chairwoman of Operation Shelter, a project responsible for successfully opening and operating the first publicly supported homeless shelter in Denver, Colorado, in 1980.

Sandy is a skilled communicator and is common for her to receive standing ovations at her presentations. That's the level of effect Sandy has on her audiences. She gets effortlessly to the heart of the matter, speaking with such openness, affirmative information, inspiration, humor and grace interwoven with pragmatic strategies. Sandy is a unique woman, filled with laughter, clarity and compassion, who "talks the talk" based on her first-hand experience of having "walked the walk."

Sandy, with her compelling compassion, wit and wisdom offers a pathway out of darkness into light with warmth and richness. A recent cancer survivor, Sandy understands the challenge of the journey having also survived a childhood of such extreme parental abuse that she came close to death more than once. She chose to use these experiences as tools for learning, gaining strength and wisdom, and ultimately an extraordinary capacity for caring.

Sandy on Forgiveness

She has developed life-changing techniques for healing emotional trauma of any degree and achieving personal fulfillment. This is a gift she passionately shares daily - and one that her life proves can work. She has devoted her life to helping adults and children recognize that they are loved and that no matter what happened yesterday, it is insignificant to what lies within the core of one's being today.

Sandy has lived a life that is a testament to the triumph of the human spirit which is brilliantly captured in her compelling memoir, Pursuit of Light, An Extraordinary Journey, which has won three literary awards. It is an gripping, soul-stirring, master trope in the art of healing that shares her true-life story of how she came to find the presence and strength of the human spirit within her, and the "how-to's" of choice - and how you, too, can look at your life from a new perspective and create new choices.

Others have said of her: "Sandy Brewer is an exceptionally talented speaker. She is a dynamic force of guidance and inspiration who can truly help people to change their lives for the better...Sandy captivates, instills hope, confidence, knowledge and inspiration in everyone and is the best instrument to touch people..."

She is available to speak to your group or organization. Contact John at 760-230-8123 for more information.